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pear head chihuahua

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Are you looking for a lovable dog that is easy to care for, energetic, and cute? If so, you may want to consider the Pear Head Chihuahua. This dog breed is known for its pear-shaped head and small stature.

The Pear Head Chihuahua is a loyal companion that can easily make an excellent family pet. It has lots of personality and makes an excellent companion for children.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Pear Head Chihuahuas. We get in-depth about what they are, how to pick the best ones, and tips on choosing the right breeder.

What Is a Pear Head Chihuahua?

pear head chihuahua

Pear Head Chihuahuas are a unique variety of the common short-haired Chihuahua breed. They have a round head, which makes them look like they’re wearing a hat. The shape varies from dog to dog, but generally, they have a head that makes their eyes appear larger than they are according to their body type. This is a result of their flatter shaped skull bones, according to kennel club reports.

It can be hard to find these dogs because they’re so rare, but if you do come across one, here are some things to know about them:

  • They have short bodies and legs. This makes them easy to lift up and carry around, in comparison to other breeds.
  • They have large eyes and ears that stick out from their heads like horns. This makes them look adorable!
  • The smooth-coated chihuahua comes in many different colors, including black/brown, white/cream, and blue/gray. This means you can get creative when picking out your favorite style!

How Do I Choose a Pear Head Chihuahua?

pear head chihuahua

When it comes to choosing a Chihuahua, there are several factors you should take into consideration. 

Reputable breeder

A professional breeder will ensure that the parents are both physically and mentally healthy. They will also be able to provide you with proof of the dog’s health before it leaves their home. The proof may include a coat shedding level, barking level, and how to perform coat grooming.


You must consider your lifestyle when choosing a dog breed, because certain traits make some breeds better-suited for certain lifestyles. For example, if you live in an apartment with little room for exercise or playtime outdoors, then a terrier or pint-sized breed like the Chihuahua might not be ideal for you. The smooth-coat chihuahua requires lots of activity and stimulation to keep it happy.


It’s important to remember that these dogs are relatively small in size, and not energy level. They won’t need as much room as larger breeds such as Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds, but this doesn’t mean they should be kept indoors all the time! Your new pet should be allowed outside whenever possible, to get some exercise and enjoy the weather.

Health concerns

When buying from a breeder, make sure to ask about any health issues in the lineages, or whether they have experience with such problems. You can inquire about heart disease, idiopathic epilepsy, patent ductus arteriosus, eye disease, or any occurrence of bone fractures. If they haven’t had any genetic issues with their own dogs, it’s usually okay to get a Chihuahua from them.


Make sure you can afford the dog and all of its medical needs. That means getting your dog vaccinated regularly and taking it to the vet for regular check-ups. When you do this, make sure you talk to your vet about what kind of diet would be best for your Pear Head Chihuahua, and how often you should feed it.

How to Know If a Pear Head Chihuahua Is Right for You

pear head chihuahua

If you want a dog that’s small and cute but also has a huge personality, a Pear Head Chihuahua may be perfect for you. They’re very social animals and love people and other pets, so if you want a companion who will always be by your side, this could be the right dog.

However, if you’re looking for something bigger or more mellow in temperament, this is not the right breed for you. Consider looking for other common type breeds, or inquire from other pet owners. 

Differences Between an Apple and a Pear Head Chihuahua

The Apple Head Chihuahua is the more common and traditional of the two. The head of an Apple Head Chihuahua looks like a small apple shape with a pointed nose.

The Pear Head Chihuahua is often considered rarer than its counterpart. Pear Head Chihuahuas are also more expensive than other breeds because they are uncommon and sought-after. They aren’t as easy to find in shelters or at local pet stores.

Considering Buying a Pear Head Chihuahua

The price for a Pear Head Chihuahua will depend on the breeder, not the breed. You may find that the price of a Pear Head is higher than that of a purebred Chihuahua.

The reason for this is that some breeders have been able to perfect their techniques and are now able to produce more puppies with desirable traits in less time than others.

Lifespan of Pear Heads

Chihuahuas have an average lifespan of 14-16 years. The dogs have active lifestyles, and require regular exercise and stimulation to stay healthy and happy. They might not be able to run as far or fast as other popular breeds, but they can still do plenty of fun tricks like jumping through hoops or playing fetch!

Food for the Pear Head Chihuahua

When it comes to feeding your Pear Head Chihuahua, the best thing you can do is feed it a portion of high-quality dog food. Human foods can be high in calories and fat, which can cause obesity and tooth decay. Additionally, some human foods cause digestive problems to dogs if fed regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Pear Head Chihuahua?

A good Pear Head Chihuahua has a short, compact body and a pear-shaped head. It has small ears and long legs: the eyes are large and round with dark rims surrounding them. The coat is short and glossy, but not too thick, so it feels soft to the touch. These dogs are smart, energetic, and playful by nature; they need lots of exercise every day to keep them physically fit!

Are Pear Head Chihuahuas Hypoallergenic?

Pear Head Chihuahuas are not hypoallergenic, but they are less likely than other dogs to cause an allergic reaction. However, their fur can still cause allergies for some people. Check with your doctor to see if you should avoid owning a Pear Head Chihuahua if you are allergic to dogs or have asthma.

Is the Coat of a Pear Head Chihuahua Thick?

The coat of a Pear Head Chihuahua is very thick and curly, so it will keep your pup warm during winter. If you live in a cold climate, this breed might be the best one for you because their coats are so dense and fluffy. They have double coats and long fur around their necks to keep them warm when they’re outside in cold weather conditions. That means they will shed less than other dog breeds with fluffy coats that don’t have much insulation.

How Tall Is a Pear Head Chihuahua?

Pear Head Chihuahuas grow between 5-8 inches tall at their withers (the point where their shoulders meet their spine). They’ll need plenty of space to stretch out during playtime and nap time. Make sure you have room for them before bringing home a new puppy from the shelter!

Is It Difficult to Care for A Pear Head Chihuahua?

No, it’s actually quite easy to care for a Pear Head Chihuahua. The Pear Head Chihuahua is an incredibly loyal and loving dog, and it is very low-maintenance. These dogs do need to be groomed regularly, and can have some skin issues because of their flat faces. However, once you know what you’re doing, caring for your Pear Head Chihuahua will be easy!

Get Your Pear Head Chihuahua Today

There are a lot of things to consider before you decide on your next Pear Head Chihuahua. However, there’s no denying that Pear Head Chihuahuas bring true value to prospective dog owners. They’re healthy and adorable, and may be the companion you’re searching for! If you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family, then Chihuahuas are absolutely worth considering. 

Don’t forget to check out your local shelter to see if there’s one for you – there may be one there who’s older, but may give you all the love you need.

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